Paint Finishes

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Antiquing and Faux Marbling

Mansion in Hertfordshire


- Problem

The Client moved in and had numerous projects all happening at the same time, as well as working. He asked me if he should take out the sitting room units completely, even though he really liked them as they were in great condition with fine molding. He just didn’t like the colour, as it made the room really dark. And ripping them out would cost a small fortune, and more dust and noise.


- Solution

My advice was that I would produce a color chart for the paint finish. As he was keen on a warm taupe and cream finish, we agreed on a pale cream with a bit of antiquing on the moldings.

The fire place was transformed to look like an Italianate marble from a palazzo. The end result was especially pleasing, transforming sitting room into a charming relaxing country retreat overlooking the swimming pool.

Faux Block Stonework

- Problem

Clients were not keen on wallpapers and they wanted a light airy look and style to match in with their Clive Christian Study.


- Solution

Clients knew what they wanted and I produced a color swatch and sample. These were accepted and I finished the project on time and to a good budget.


Colour Washing


Hyde Park Mansion


- Problem


Middle East clients have just purchased an apartment in leafy Hyde Park. They recently arrived from Florence and were enamored with the Old Masters and the beautiful warmth of the Gold leaf plastered cornices at the palazzo where they stayed. They requested samples of carat grades of gold leaf, as well as costings.


- Solution


I was able to get samples of different carat and color gold leaf sent over from my wholesaler. We worked on the estimates, and after some negotiation i was given the most competive price. My advice to always buy a bit extra for future use.




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